I have tutored for over 2000 hours since 2013. I have tutored students from Ridge, Bernards HS, BRHS, WHRHS, Millburn HS, Pingry, Gill St. Bernards, Rutgers, and Barnard College.

PhD Physics, Princeton University
BS Physics, Harvey Mudd College
Physics GRE: 990 (2004 Nov)

I am local to zip codes 07924, 07921, 07920, 07978, and 08807. Student keeps fixed hourly rate until the first semester s/he is no longer enrolled at the school s/he attended when lessons began. There is no cancellation fee. If cancellations (especially cancellations with shorter than 24-hr notice) become excessive, lessons will discontinue. Integrity: I will not provide assistance on any exam without written permission from the classroom instructor. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Attribute by leaving the URL davidliao.com intact in each handout you share. © Copyright 2016 David Liao.

Teaching sheets

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Lists of physics and calculus reference sheets are periodically updated on this page. Scroll toward the right or jump to a section using the table of contents below.

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This collection is dedicated to George F. Schuttinger.

Make AP Physics cribsheets

0.1 AP Physics 1 cribsheet maker.pdf

Create AP Physics 1/2 problems

T.1 AP Physics 1 & 2 FRQ problem types.pdf
T.2 AP Physics 1 & 2 Problem scenario maker.pdf
T.3 AP Physics 1 Problem categorization.pdf

AP Physics 1

1.1 Kinematics describe.pdf
1.2 Kinematics graph interpretation.pdf
1.2.1 Kinematics graph interpretation worksheet.pdf
1.3 Kinematics 1-d instructions.pdf
1.3.1 Kinematics 1-d worksheet.pdf
2.1 Vectors.pdf
2.2 Kinematics 2-d instructions.pdf
2.3 Kinematics 2-d worksheet.pdf
3.1 Forces figures.pdf
3.2 Force and Newton's laws cribsheet.pdf
3.3 Spring force.pdf
3.4 Forces worksheet.pdf
3.5 Drag force.pdf
4.1 UCM cribsheet.pdf
4.2 UCM aIN deriv.pdf
4.3 UCM Forces worksheet.pdf
4.4 Gravitation.pdf
4.5 Elliptical orbits.pdf
5.1 Work done by a force.pdf
5.2.1 Potential energy.pdf
5.2.3 Spherical symmetry and potential energy functions.pdf
5.3 Non-conservation laws.pdf
5.4 Parallels energy momentum.pdf
5.5 Energy conservation worksheet.pdf
6.1 Impulse delivered by a force.pdf
6.2 Momentum conservation worksheet.pdf
6.3 Types of collisions.pdf
6.4 Opt Momentum transfer.pdf
7.1 Center of mass cribsheet.pdf
8.1 Rotational kinematics and dynamics cribsheet.pdf
8.2 Torque concept.pdf
8.3 Torques and forces worksheet.pdf
8.4 Angular momentum conservation worksheet.pdf
10.1 SHO cribsheet.pdf
10.2 SHO Ignoring gravity.pdf
10.3 SHO Graphs.pdf
10.4 Resonance.pdf
11.1.1 Waves.pdf
11.2 Speed of wave on string.pdf
12.1 Electric charge and force.pdf
12.2 Charge transfer worksheet.pdf
12.3.1 Electric potential.pdf
12.4 Current.pdf
12.5 DC (equilibrated) operation.pdf
12.6 Laboratory precautions and measurements for DC circuits.pdf
12.7 DC Circuit heuristic steps.pdf

AP Physics 2

5.2.2 Potential energy landscapes.pdf
7.3 Fluid mechanics.pdf
7.4 Kinetic theory of ideal gas.pdf
11.1.2 Waves continued.pdf
12.3.2 Electric fields and potentials.pdf
12.8 Capacitors.pdf
13.1 Magnetism.pdf
13.2 Magnetism in materials.pdf
13.3 Mass spectrometer.pdf
14.1 Electromagnetism.pdf
15.1 Physical (wave) optics.pdf
16.1 Geometric (ray) optics.pdf
16.2 Specular and diffuse reflection.pdf
16.3 Raytracing to determine visibility.pdf
16.4 Mirror and lens ray approximations.pdf
16.5 Light interrupted.pdf
16.6 Snell's law.pdf
16.7 Total internal reflection.pdf
17.1 Quantum physics.pdf
17.2 Subatomic physics.pdf
18.1 Thermo first law.pdf
18.2 Thermo second law.pdf

SAT Physics

5.2.1 Heating curve.pdf
5.2.2 Thermal expansion.pdf
5.4 Heat engines.pdf
6.2 Special relativity.pdf
6.3 Special relativity steps.pdf
15 Polarization.pdf

AP Physics C Mechanics

(Supplements to mechanics reference sheets for AP Physics 1).

1.1 1-d Kinematics describe calc.pdf
2.1 Vectors for AP Phy C.pdf
2.2 2-d Kinematics calc tiles.pdf
3.2 Force and Newton's laws cribsheet.pdf
4.1 Circular motion cribsheet.pdf
4.3 Circular motion forces worksheet.pdf
5.1.2 Work done along a path.pdf
5.2.2 Potential energy landscapes calc.pdf
5.4 Parallels energy momentum.pdf
6.2 Momentum conservation worksheet.pdf
7.2 Mass-averaging over continuous mass distributions.pdf
8.1 Rotational kinematics and dynamics cribsheet.pdf
8.4 Angular momentum conservation worksheet.pdf
A.1 Spatial integrals for AP Physics C Mech.pdf

AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism

E1.1 Electric charge and force.pdf
E1.1.1 Charge transfer worksheet.pdf
E1.2 Electric fields and potentials with calculus.pdf
E1.3 Conductors near equilibrium.pdf
E1.4 Gauss's law.pdf
E1.5 Capacitors.pdf
E2.1.1 Current.pdf
E2.1.2 DC (equilibrated) operation.pdf
E2.1.3 Laboratory precautions and measurements for DC circuits.pdf
E2.2 Informal and formal circuit analysis.pdf
E2.3 RC Charging.pdf
E2.3.1 Mnemonic for exponential decays.pdf
E2.4 Electromotive force.pdf
M1.1 Magnetism with calculus.pdf
M1.2 Magnetism in materials.pdf
M1.3 Solenoids.pdf
M1.4 Mass spectrometer.pdf
N1.1 Electromagnetism.pdf
N1.2 Inductors.pdf
N1.3 LR Increasing current.pdf
N1.4 LC and RLC.pdf
N2.1 Maxwell's equations.pdf

Make AP Calculus cribsheets

0.1 AP Calculus cribsheet maker.pdf

AP Calculus AB

1.1 Limit definitions.pdf
1.3 Calculating limits.pdf
1.4 Continuity and IVT.pdf
2.1 Derivatives.pdf
2.2.1 Derivatives of circle functions intuitive.pdf
2.2.2 Derivatives of circle functions.pdf
2.3 l'Hospital's rule.pdf
2.4 Extrema.pdf
2.5 Rolle & MVT.pdf
2.6 Derivative tests.pdf
2.7 Curve sketching.pdf
2.8 Related rates & Optimization.pdf
3.1 Definite integrals and area.pdf
3.2 RAM.pdf
3.2.2 TAM.pdf
3.2.3 Integration table.pdf
3.3.1 Fundamental theorem of calculus.pdf
3.3.2 Fundamental theorem of calculus flashcard.pdf
3.3.3 Fundamental theorem of calculus keeping track.pdf
3.4 Derivatives and integrals in kinematics.pdf
3.5.1 Using integrals for areas.pdf
3.5.2 Using integrals for volumes.pdf
4.1 Derivatives inverse functions.pdf
4.2 Exponentials and logarithms.pdf
5.1 IVPs and DEs.pdf

AP Calculus BC

(Supplement for AB packet)

2.1 Integration by parts.pdf
2.2 Partial fractions and intro logistic growth.pdf
2.3 Improper integrals.pdf
2.4 Euler method.pdf
3.1 Parametric.pdf
3.2 Arc lengths and surfaces of revolution.pdf
3.3 Polar calculus.pdf
4.2 Series, tests, and remainders.pdf
4.3 Common Taylor series.pdf
4.4.1 Series calculus tricks Recognize summation.pdf
4.4.2 Series calculus tricks Obtaining series.pdf