DAVIDLIAO.COM - physics & calculus tutor for Bernards & Bedminster

I have tutored for over 2000 hours since 2013. I have tutored students from Ridge, Bernards HS, BRHS, WHRHS, Millburn HS, Pingry, Gill St. Bernards, Rutgers, and Barnard College.

PhD Physics, Princeton University
BS Physics, Harvey Mudd College
Physics GRE: 990 (2004 Nov)

How I tutor

I explain concepts using organized lecture sheets

I coach students to parse problem statements

I coach students to use written reasoning to figure out solutions to problems not before seen

I share my excitement for the subject!

My lecture sheets

📂 tutoring handouts

📂 Physics
    📂 AP Physics 1
    📂 AP Physics 2
    📂 AP Physics C Mechanics
    📂 AP Physics C E&M

📂 Math
    📂 Honors Precalculus
    📂 AP Calculus AB
    📂 AP Calculus BC

Recent AP results

On AP tests taken in 2016, my students earned the following scores (waiting on some results).


AP Physics 1
Scores: 5, 5, 3

AP Physics 2
Scores: 4, 4

AP Calculus AB
Scores: 5, 4

AP Calculus BC
Scores: 5

* I am local to zip codes 07924, 07921, 07920, 07978, and 08807. Student keeps fixed hourly rate until the first semester s/he is no longer enrolled at the school s/he attended when lessons began. There is no cancellation fee. If cancellations (especially cancellations with shorter than 24-hr notice) become excessive, lessons will discontinue.
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